We appreciate your business and are thankful to everyone who shops local and supports our historic downtown!

About Us

True love, an entrepreneurial spirit and fun adventures in Crazy Woman Canyon

In 1967, my husband and I moved to Sheridan, Wyoming at the base of the Big Horn Mountains. Driving out here, we crossed a creek named “Crazy Woman”. We laughed, but little did we know the impact that name would have on our lives. We would often picnic in Crazy Woman Canyon and on one adventure, my husband carved our heart and initials in an aspen tree. Our carved tree is still there today.


How Crazy Woman Trading Co. Began

Crazy Woman Trading Co. - owners
Linda and Willis Fauth, creators of the Crazy Woman phenomenon!

In 1996, when I was 50, we purchased a historic building on main street in Sheridan, Wyoming (120 N. Main, First Bank in Sheridan, built in 1894). We completely remodeled the building and I knew I wanted to have a store in there that made people smile and enjoy. We went out to dinner with about twelve friends and I told them all what I had purchased and that I need a name, something Trading Co. Everyone suggested names, however when Steve Maier (our College President) threw out Crazy Woman, everyone laughed, but I knew instantly that was the name and so my company began. We were a very eclectic store, selling whatever was fun, artistic and interesting! And our logo clothing became a hit. Whatever I would put “Crazy Woman” on would sell.

I was often asked to judge chili cook-off contents and never liked the chili, so I developed my own recipe, “Crazy Woman Chili”. It is a spicy chili you crave. We still make it and it has won several awards.

Many of you will remember Murphy, our CEO, yellow lab. She was with us for 13 years, at the store everyday. People would come in just to see her. We miss her everyday.

When my daughter Lisa married and moved to Montana, I sold her that territory and she owns and operates Crazy Woman Trading Co. in Big Timber, MT. She is a wonderful jewelry artist and the mother of my two grandchildren, Emily and Paul. Please visit her store at 230 McLeod St. (main street). You won’t be disappointed!

Lulu at Crazy Woman Trading Co.
Our precious Lulu who greets our customers, bringing them happiness and joy!

My other daughter, Paula is very involved doing our web pages and designing. I couldn’t do it without her assistance and creativity.

My Crazy Woman company has indeed been a joy for my family. My husband Willis is a wonderful support and partner.

Thank you to all my wonderful customers who have become friends. Keep those “Crazy Woman” clothing pictures coming. 

-Linda and Willis Fauth